ESO ONE Tamriel Dragonknight Stamina Tank Build

Dragonknight is the most suitable Tank class in Elder Scrolls Online, how to serve as the Tank role in the current ESO version. Today, we will recommend a ESO Dragonknight Stamina Tank build.

Race: Imperial
Imperial, increasing the great bonus of Stamina and Health, is the first race choice for all stamina tank. If you have no imperial package, other good races you can choose: Nord, Redguard, Orc and khajiit.

Attribute Coins
9 Coins Magicka and 55 Stamina, but not fixed, you can adjust these two attributes according to your own habits. You do not put any Coins in Health, greater than 30K is OK.

Set: Engine Guardian + Trainee + Armor Master, 5 heavy armors, 1 light, 1 middle.
2 guardian + 3 armor master + 2 trainee, all Trainee pendant, armor master weapon. Trainee is the new set in the latest of ESO ONE Tamriel, all effects are attribute bonus, especially the Fifth effect, can improve all attributes each 2400+, it is the god suit for Tank.
Armor Gem recommended full enchant parts Infused, small enchant parts is Divines.
Armor Enchanting, I use the 3 attributes and maximum stamina, put three attributes in the full enchantment, stamina on the small enchanting part.

One Hand and Shield

Two Handed