Best ESO Spell PVP Set and Class Analysis: Burning Spellwave

If you are a Spell player in ESO, it is very important to choose the suitable PVP set in PVP, so which PVP set is the best for magic player? Buring Spellwave Set! Here we will introduce to you.
PVP Set: Buring Spellwave
Type: Light
2 items:976 max magicka
3 items:129 spell damage
4 items:688 spell critical
5 items: When you deal damage with a Flame Damage ability, you have a 20% chance apply the Buring status effect to the enemy and increase your Spell Damage by 600 for 8s. This effect can occur once every 12s.

Class Analysis
Dragonknight: The effect is very good. In the case of Buring Talons and Burning Breath, the CD trigger immediately, with Shooting Star and Flame Lash, always can get Instant Kill effect. But you need note that there is a 4 seconds vacuum period, you will hurt around 700 Coins spell damage, it is feeling bad, but the attack is not fatal, so please save resources at this time, do not chase.
Benefits: recovery health, healing ward under the trigger of set, the effect can be greatly improved.

Nightblade: There are many play styles for Nightblade in ESO, generally 2 main playstyles: Boomblade and Magicka Tank NB, but due to the play style and weapons configuration, these two builds are not suitable for Burning SpellWave (BSW). So personal recommend the Dual-Wand NB, is also a very classic style of play, although it not as good as boom effect of Boomblade, as Tank lasting, but the overall performance is the best, most flexible, the Survival is not worse than Tank Build. But the disadvantage is insufficient outbreak when facing the experienced players. The Buff of BSW is comparable to Alchemist, what’s more, the effect is amazing after triggered of Assassin Will with BSW.

Sorcerer: Personal do not recommend using BSW.

Templar: Templar can be triggered by Sun Fire, this is a very good dot, slow down 40%, with Puncturing Strikes can stick the enemy effectively. I have seen some players recommend Soulshine, but the damage bonus of BSW set is much higher than Soulshine, what’s more, BSW is light armor, the key problem of Spell Templar is recovery magicaka, BSW more than Soulshine a Spell damage, so you can consider with a pure recovery magicka set, is no longer the Channeled Ability can enjoy bonus, but all Spell abilities.

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