• Name Number Price  
  • XB-North America 100K Gold $ 3.05
  • XB-North America 200K Gold $ 6.11
  • XB-North America 300K Gold $ 9.16
  • XB-North America 500K Gold $ 15.27
  • XB-North America 600K Gold $ 18.33
  • XB-North America 800K Gold $ 24.44
  • XB-North America 1000K Gold $ 30.55
  • XB-North America 2000K Gold $ 61.11
  • XB-North America 3000K Gold $ 91.66
  • XB-North America 5000K Gold $ 152.77
  • XB-North America 6000K Gold $ 183.33
  • XB-North America 8000K Gold $ 244.44
  • XB-North America 10000K Gold $ 305.55
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